Working With The Ideas In The Books

All of my books are designed for "pleasure reading." They are intentionally written in an easy-flowing style that will give young readers ready access to the substance of the books. They are the kind of novels that make young readers feel successful and eager to go on to the next book and the next. This, in itself, is an important goal in the teaching of English.
I suggest keeping these books apart from the prescribed English curriculum. There are plenty of other books that can be used for teaching the mechanics of English and the subtleties of language. And so, I am not offering a traditional study guide that dissects the book with plot questions, theme analyses, comprehension checks, and related writing assignments.
Instead, I suggest that these books be used to open up some channels of communication. There are many ideas in these books that will lead naturally to a stimulating exchange of ideas with friends, a parent, or a teacher.
The links in this section will lead you to some specific ways to think about the ideas in the books. Don't feel compelled to struggle through each and every question unless it is pleasurable and rewarding to do so. You can choose the particular ideas that seem likely to ignite a spark. Then plan to enjoy the dialogue that follows and see where it leads you.