Ideas To Think About And Discuss

I've Missed a Sunset or Three

This book is about changes in people. Some changes are gradual and hardly noticeable at the time. Occasionally, change happens dramatically. Let's think about the changes we see in Jim, Rachel, Mr. Cordero, and Arthur. 1. Consider Jim at the beginning of the book. What was his state of mind? He'd had a good life, with caring parents, a comfortable home, and a lot going for him. How, then, do you explain his feelings?

Have you ever felt this way or known someone with a similar problem? How did he or she act? If you had the problem yourself, did you know it at the time? Or are you only recognizing it now as you look back at your earlier self?

2. Who or what were the forces that began to work on Jim to bring about changes?' How did Jim react toward these forces, at first? Can you pinpoint any special moments in the story that were turning points in Jim's process of change and growth?

By the end of the book, how has Jim changed? Which people, who were in his life early in the story, are still with him? How is he treating these people differently now? What new people have come into his life?

3. Consider Rachel at the beginning of the book. How was she feeling about herself, and how was she handling people? Have you known anyone with a similar problem? How did he or she act? And how did other people react to that person?

What forces and people began to bring about changes in Rachel? Can you spot some significant moments that became points of change?

By the end of the book, how is Rachel different from the girl in the beginning of the book? What challenges still lie ahead for her?

4. How had some of Mr. Cordero's emotions run wild? That is, which of his feelings, though probably starting out as reasonable and caring, turned into monsters that dominated his relationship with Rachel? Why do you think this happened. In the future, what do you predict for their relationship?

What forces and events worked on Mr. Cordero to bring about his changes?

5. Consider the growth and change we see in Arthur. What forces are at work, bringing about steady and gradual changes in him? Where do you see dramatic turning points that really change Arthur?

In the future, do you think Jim and/or Rachel will be a part of Arthur's life? If so, in what ways?

6. Now that Jim and Rachel have taken the first steps in learning how to reach out to others, what kinds of reaching out do you foresee for each of them in the future?

7. Change usually is a growth process. It is not a project that is completed at a certain point. Although Jim and Rachel both are functioning better now, in what areas do you think more growth is needed during the next few years of their lives?

8. What does the title I'VE MISSED A SUNSET OR THREE mean to you? Does it necessarily have to do with colors in the sky from the setting sun? Or could there be other ways of "missing a sunset or two or three?"

9. What are your feelings about the book? Is there any particular moment or statement in the book that will remain with you to be thought about later on?