Ideas To Think About And Discuss

Pass Me a Pine Cone, Please

1. In what ways is it harder for Seth to move into a new community and school than it is for most kids?

2. What do you think of the way Seth’s dad handles Seth’s adjustment problems in the new school? Can you pinpoint some scenes that show his parenting style?

3. Would you rather own Monster or Shashi? Why?

4. Who is your favorite character? What are the things you admire in him or her?

5. What would you do if a teacher hassled you like Laney did to Seth?

6. What kind of relationship do you think Seth’s parent’s have? What clues lead you to this conclusion?

7. What do you think of Seth and Sarah’s strategy for defending the tree house? What would you have done differently or additionally?

8. Look two years ahead in your mind. How do you think each of the kids has changed? What is Sarah doing as a junior? As a senior, what are Seth’s interests and plans? What has become of their relationship?

9. What is your favorite scene? Why?


1. Imagine you are Sarah. Write a thank you letter to Uncle Lars that doesn’t just say “Thanks for the cones.” Make it chatty and tell a little of what is happening in your life.

2. Write an essay about the advantages and difficulties in being a principal’s son or daughter. Include your own feelings about being a principal’s kid.

3. Imagine you are Seth. Write a letter to your best friend back in Oceanview telling him about your day-trip to Cougar Valley.

4. Write a business letter from the Triple S Cone Creatures Company regarding a new order, a damaged shipment, or some other item of business.

5. Imagine you are a reporter for the Sierra High School paper. Write the story of the Halloween attack on the tree house.

6. Draft the promotional copy for the Home Page of Sarah’s new Triple S website.