Ideas To Think About And Discuss

This Time Count Me In

1. In what ways is Jefferson very different from St. Anne's? Compare the benefits of each school—and also the drawbacks. If you had to make that choice, which would you choose, and why?

2. What fears and anxieties does Kate have to conquer in order to get along at Jefferson? Who or what helps her handle them? What fears and anxieties have you had to face? What has helped you deal with yours?

3. In the final scene, Kate describes herself as "a girl who is not totally dumb." What important things has she learned in her time at Jefferson that make her feel this way?

4. What kind of personal adjustments do you think Ron has had to make because of his dad's job change?

5. How are Kate and Ron good for each other?

6. What do you think of LaShonda and Cheryl's ways of handling people? What techniques do they have that could be useful to you in dealing with people and with problems?

7. How do you feel about the book? What are your favorite scenes? Who are your favorite characters, and why?

8. If you were to write another chapter for the book, what would you have happen? This could be a chapter before the book opens, at the book's end, or somewhere in the middle. 


1. Write the story of the Saturday following Ron's birthday, telling it from either Ron's or Kate's point of view.

2. Imagine you are Kate. Your friend Rebecca, from St. Anne's, has moved to a distant city and you can't have long phone talks with her anymore. Bring her up to date with a letter.

3. Imagine you are Ron. Write to your friend Randy, who was your fishing buddy in the mountains. Tell him about your plans now that you can legally drive. Tell him about having Kate in your life, too.